FLL Airport- A Complete Guide

FLL Airport- A Complete Guide

Who does not like traveling around the new destinations to explore the world? Well, numerous people are travel enthusiasts, and love to spend some quality time with their dear ones. Some people love to gather ample of information regarding their overall trip including the facilities available at the airport. Many people are concerned about airport parking and similar issues that need prior knowledge.

Several international airports offer best in class service for the sake of their valuable clients if there is a delay in their flight. Here we’ll discuss the facilities provided at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

An Overview of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

FLL Airport is one of the finest international airports of the nation, which is located just 4 miles from south of the Fort Lauderdale. It is also 22 miles away from the north of Miami. The international airport is considered as the largest hub for various airlines such as Spirit airlines and is the center of attraction city for Frontier, JetBlue, and Southwest.

The airport has four terminals including the terminal number 4, which is the international terminal. The airport serves the nation’s longest haul flights. There are proper services available at the terminal 1 such as car rental and public buses for the ease of passengers. Apart from this, unlimited Wi-Fi is provided without any restrictions at the airport.

The Foodstuff

The best food delicacies are offered by numerous restaurants at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Some restaurants offer the Cuban Trend in the South Florida airport such as Sergio’s Cuban Café at the Terminal 1.

Moreover, the Casavana Café at the terminal 4 is known for the finest delicacies that would take you to the next level of satisfaction of your taste buds. You can also experience the fresh Mexican food at Zona Fresca at terminal 4.

The Drinking Leisure

Apart from the best in class food restaurants at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, you can experience the fine drinking leisure at the finest bars. The restaurants like the Food Network Kitchen that features an astonishing bar.

Apart from this, the Shula Burger also features a special beer menu for the alcohol lovers that provide a mesmerizing experience of fusion drinks.

Things to do when there’s a delay in your Flight

You can explore some designer shops at the Lauderdale International Airport including a famous shop named Discovery Fort Lauderdale at the terminal 1. You can also discover some great galleries at the airport such as Lee Wagener Art Gallery.

Details about the Airport Lounges

The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood international airport has some airline lounges in terminal 1 as well as the Delta Sky Club at the terminal 2.