A Long Leisurely Weekend in Jacksonville

A Long Leisurely Weekend in Jacksonville

Getting away for a weekend is a luxury worth savoring, so you need to take it easy and enjoy yourself. Jacksonville is the perfect city for a few leisurely days away from the nonstop roller coaster of your life because it’s off the beaten path in comparison to some of its touristy sister cities in Florida. Follow a lazy, wandering blueprint during your getaway and get to know your weekend home.

Book the Perfect Accommodation

This is your weekend adventure. The beauty of staying for two or three days is that you can spoil yourself. Indulge yourself in the most delightful hotel your budget allows. Using Hotel Planner reveals Jacksonville hotels that fit your price point and preferences. Do you want to stay near the beach, or would you prefer a hotel in the bustling heart of downtown Jax? It’s your getaway, so opt for a cozy bed and breakfast, or a room with a Jacuzzi tub.

Spend Time at the Beach

Jacksonville is known for its pristine white beaches. Each mile of coastline represents a tranquil paradise where you can easily find a spot for yourself and your traveling companion. Jacksonville Beach is easily the busiest, but it’s also a treasure trove of restaurants serving fare you won’t find anywhere else. Beer lovers, take notice: There are three breweries dotted along this beach.

Neptune Beach is a local favorite, and not just because of the to-die-for cocktails at the Lemon Bar. You can make a day of your trip. Sunbathe and play in the ocean during the day, grab something to eat in the evening, and then take a moonlit stroll along the beach.

For a more residential experience, head to Atlantic Beach. If you’re making it a long weekend and you’re there on the third Thursday of the month, you can spend the evening at the North Beaches Art Walk. Atlantic Beach is home to some of the best bars in Jacksonville, too.

Eat Up the City

You can always eat while you’re at the beach. Hit up the North Beach Fishcamp at Neptune Beach. Culhane’s Irish Pub, Ragtime Tavern, and MShack are must-see spots at Atlantic Beach. For scrumptious soul food that’s kind to your wallet, Maple Street Biscuit Company is the go-to for brunch. Jacksonville has an array of food trucks with affordable but delicious food—The Butt Hutt Smokehouse is a high-rated BBQ favorite. Explore different cuisines at The French Pantry or Greek Street Kitchen & Bar. There are seafood spots for every budget, or you can splurge at a steakhouse like Terra Gaucha.

Take sips of each day away so that you can remember how happy and relaxed you were after you return to your daily grind. You might consider a vacation a luxury these days, but the truth is that unplugging is a necessity; it’s essential for your mental health. Even 48 hours in a new place, collecting new experiences and giving yourself a break, can recharge your batteries and improve your quality of life.